Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hervey Bay

On Monday 2nd July we had to drive to Melbourne arriving approx 7.00pm, we stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Melbourne Airport. This hotel could not accomodate our family of 5 with 5 beds so we had to get by with 2 Queen beds. Brett and Kayne had one bed and Rylie, Maddi and myself shared the other. What a night, Rylie fell out of bed twice as Maddi pushed her to the edge all the time, I didn't sleep at all as Maddi thought the bed was all for her. Kayne got out of his bed at one stage and slept on the floor with his head in a cupboard to try and drown out Brett's snoring. Our alarm woke us at 6.30am, as you could imagine there was alot of tired grumpy people boarding our plane.

On Tuesday 3rd July we caught 2 planes to get to Hervey Bay QLD. First was from Melbourne to Sydney then from Sydney to Fraser Coast Hervey Bay.

We arrived at Hervey bay at 1.15pm with my best friend Nikki and her family meeting us.

from left: Lily (my god daughter), Nikki, her mum Carol and Jack

We spent the whole 7 days with Nikki as we only see each other once a year, we had a lot of catching up to do. the reason for our tip was Nikki's 40th birthday. This birthday went longer than the Packer wedding.

Nikki had a fancy dress party on the Saturday Night. What an absolute hoot. She is the only 5ft female I know who would try and pull off Laura Croft (Angelina Jole - Tomb Raider) and get away with it.

Brett went as the Pope, he was hilarious, he was snapped here eye balling Paris Hiltons necklace.

Everyone was there, Shrek and Princess Fiona, The Beverly Hill Billies, The Bundy Bear, Borat, Mel Malinga, Anna from Abba, Pink, Ozzie Osbourne, Austin Powers, Felicity Shagwell, Robin Hood, Maralyn Monroe, Sony and Cher, President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Paris Hilton and many more.

We spent lots of time on the beach, although most of you know I hate sand so I sat on the beach Cafe (outdoor cafe) and watched alot from the balcony. There was always something happening, beach cricket was a hoot, soccer, and Bernie bought his jet ski out for a play.

Chris, Myself & Nikki at the outdoor Beach Cafe.
Whilst we were in Hervey Bay we were paid a visit from Peter Holt, Peter spent the day with mum and stayed for dinner with us at Nikki's house. He gave me a quick lesson on how to write Poems. So rather than do a speach for Nikki (I was asked by her father to do a speach) I wrote a Poem, I tried to sum up her life as I saw it in 13 versus, I did do well even if I do say so myself. Maybe in my next post I might grace you all with it.