Thursday, 30 November 2006

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I would like everyone to know I do read everyones blog spots but unfortunately I am on Beta (google) and whenever I want to leave comments It always comes up with errors. Every now and then I will get a comment through. Beleive me it gets quite frustrating.


After racing 3 state titles this year Kayne has finally made TOP TEN.
Kayne and Brett took off to Tasmania to Race the Tasmanian State Titles in Hobart. He competed in 2 classes - Junior National Heavy and Junior Clubman. In the JNH class he came 8th, he had a DNF in the prefinal and had to start 23 for the final and in Junior Clubman (the class I hate) he came 5th.

Your probably wondering why the girls and I didn't go - Because it is soooo dam cold over there.

Friday, 24 November 2006

Oaks Day - Nov 06

Incase you are wondering, yes that's me in the gorgeous brown hat. Just ask and you can borrow it anytime. 10 of us swam across the river to the golf club for Oaks Day, and were entertained by Patsy Downunder (take off of Patsy in Ab Fab). We had the best day. We arrived at 11.00am and left the Golf club for the Ski Club at 7.00pm, we finally arrived home after 11 hours of PINK Champagne in our bellies at 11.00pm. (You might be wondering why Jill is showing her ass, she is actually showing us her bodgy fake tan job). I had a couple of wins for the day and actually came out in front. (That must be because I was a thoroughbred owner for a while there).

FIJI Oct 06

The weekend before we left for Fiji Kayne had the crash of his life. He has had many crashes before each of them I have been calm as we all know Motorsport is dangerous. The crash was a doosey, knocked unconcious whilst still sitting in his kart. Of course I had tears, my baby with a rattled brain (as the doctor put it). He continued to race the next day and ended up 3rd place. I think he was trying to show his Aunty Carol he could do it as she was against him racing. He raced with every rib on his left side cracked and his muscle in his neck torn. Of course he was too sore on Monday to go to school.With cracked ribs and a six hour flight ahead of us we finally made it. The childrens first overseas trip.
The flight over was a night flight we took off from Tullamarine Airport at 11.23pm and arrived Fiji time 7.30am (2 hours time difference)We then had a 1 1/2 hour bus trip to the Naviti resort, that was an experience, we all kissed the ground when we got there.
The Resort was beautiful, it had everything you could imagine, much to Brett, Keith and Wayne's delight there was a Pool Bar. There was plenty of time spent there, each morning us girls would start the day with a Pina Colada and end with the coctail of the day, I tried to drink coctails all day but I felt sick after the first 3rd. We opted for the all inclusive package where all meals, alcohol, 24hour snacks etc were FREE. (well it felt like it). All the girls (kids) had their hair braided, we enjoyed all the resorts facilities. Water sports were included so everyday we canoed, we did archery, played Volley ball, egg catching, watermelon bashing, frog and crab racing, golf you name it we did it. The kids enjoyed the kids club and the 2 massive pools as well as the spa's. I recommend this holiday package to any family that wants an inexpensive holiday (this was cheaper then a 2 week holiday in Queensland).

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Cairnes - August 06

Your probably wondering why I am letting you all know about my trips, well I am using this blog as a diary, we do so much travelling with the Go-karts that you forget where you've been and where your going. Your lucky I am only writing about the big trips, wait until next year when I let you know about every weekend.

Anyway this has nothing to do with Karting. In August Brett and I turned 40, and rather than having a party we decided to take off to Cairnes for the weekend. Once we made our bookings we told some friends who decided to join us. Nicky and Bernie flew in from Hervey Bay, Keith and Jacky, Sharon & Steve and Gary & Heather all flew in from Melbourne, we met at the resort. As you could imagine copious amounts of alocohol was consumed.

We did manage some site seeing. Keith & Jacky decided to take off to Green Island for the day and the rest of us decided to hire a car to visit Port Douglas. We couldn't get a people mover all we could manage to hire were 2 little converables from some shonky car yard (Astra & Jeep Wrangler). If you could imagine 8 people of which 6 are over 5'10 (Gary is 6'7) squeezing into these tiny vehicles.


Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Dubbo June 06

With quite a few more Vic meetings under our belts we took off to Dubbo for the NSW State Championships. Rylie, Maddison and myself filled in time on practice days by visiting the Dubbo Western Plain Zoo. This is a must see. We did the entire zoo by foot (most people drive or hire buggies). The next day we went to the Old Dubbo Gaol. Maddison was absolutely petrified so we had to cut it short and leave, what do you do with time up your sleeves of course we had to spend the rest of the day at the shops.

With 40 competitors in each of Kayne's classes, they didn't make it easy for him. The bottom left photo is Kayne in the air with his nose cone in the air in front of him, the middle photo is the aftermath as is the next one. (9 kids in total) He finished approximately 14th in the final of 1 class and 17th in the other, both finals he was pushed off and had to recover to finish. Posted by Picasa

Boliva - Adelaide SA April 06

Once we got back from Hong Kong our year in Go-Karting started. After a few open meetings within Victoria we took off to South Australia to the Boliva International Race Track for the SA State Titles. All state title meetings are quite tuff as only the cream within Australia compete. While Kayne was practicing the girls and I would site see. We visited the Montesaro Zoo which is a safari like zoo. We also went to Haandorf and the Big Rocking Horse. We had another spare day so in true female fashion we took off to Rundal St Mall and shopped our little hearts out. Once racing starts we stay at the track and support our team. Within our team we won 2 state titles, 1 second and 2 thirds, Kayne crossed the line 11th just short of the top ten. We were very proud of his efforts. Posted by Picasa


In February, Brett and I took off to Hong Kong for our Company's Annual General Meeting. We took a week longer so we could look around and do some shopping. Wilst over there we caught up with some old friends Chris and Sarah Chapel who have been living there for a few years now.
Our friends Dean and Carol were with us for our adventure. Plenty of shopping was done by the girls and plenty of drinking was done by the boys. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 19 November 2006


I haven't really had time to check this blog thing out so here I am giving it a go.

This weekend we spent down the river, with the boat, the kids and the dog (the dog wasn't meant to be with us, but when we passed him on the highway and he started to chase the car we thought we'd better pull over and let him in, he had a great day)
Above is a photo of my youngest daughter Maddison, she has no fear at all, Maddi knee boards, wake boards and flys around on a MACH 3 air flyer. Rylie is mastering wake boarding, she also does everything else but wants to be like her big brother Kayne who jumps the wake and does tricks.
I will have more photos another day.
Bye for now.

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