Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Boliva - Adelaide SA April 06

Once we got back from Hong Kong our year in Go-Karting started. After a few open meetings within Victoria we took off to South Australia to the Boliva International Race Track for the SA State Titles. All state title meetings are quite tuff as only the cream within Australia compete. While Kayne was practicing the girls and I would site see. We visited the Montesaro Zoo which is a safari like zoo. We also went to Haandorf and the Big Rocking Horse. We had another spare day so in true female fashion we took off to Rundal St Mall and shopped our little hearts out. Once racing starts we stay at the track and support our team. Within our team we won 2 state titles, 1 second and 2 thirds, Kayne crossed the line 11th just short of the top ten. We were very proud of his efforts. Posted by Picasa


Cazz said...

Hey sis,

Well you certainly have got the hang of blogging.

Pics are great, and the "Bragging" about your travels, just makes me green with envy .. I just keep thinking "One Day.. One Day .." ROFLMAO!!!

Oh and how could you not be proud of Kayne, he is doing so well, even if he makes my heart stop at times .. its a darn rough sport Karting .. Not for the feint hearted or sookie Aunties !!!

Love to all

Merle said...

Hi Donna ~ Thanks for your comments
about my blog. Have had a few problems but guess they will sort out
Look after yourself and that family of yours. Take care, Hugs, Merle.

Anonymous said...

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