Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Dubbo June 06

With quite a few more Vic meetings under our belts we took off to Dubbo for the NSW State Championships. Rylie, Maddison and myself filled in time on practice days by visiting the Dubbo Western Plain Zoo. This is a must see. We did the entire zoo by foot (most people drive or hire buggies). The next day we went to the Old Dubbo Gaol. Maddison was absolutely petrified so we had to cut it short and leave, what do you do with time up your sleeves of course we had to spend the rest of the day at the shops.

With 40 competitors in each of Kayne's classes, they didn't make it easy for him. The bottom left photo is Kayne in the air with his nose cone in the air in front of him, the middle photo is the aftermath as is the next one. (9 kids in total) He finished approximately 14th in the final of 1 class and 17th in the other, both finals he was pushed off and had to recover to finish. Posted by Picasa


Jeanette said...

Nice Photo's of your weekend in Dubbo Love Mumxxxxxx

Peter said...

She's away and running now she has it worked out!!!!

LittleJen said...

Hey sis,

Great job on your blog, looks great and the photo's also. Glad you and the girls had a good day at the Zoo.

Lov Jo xoxoxo

Gwen said...

Hi ..Great shots at the zoo and hong kong,the roo came up ok too.
See you soon xoxo