Friday, 24 November 2006

Oaks Day - Nov 06

Incase you are wondering, yes that's me in the gorgeous brown hat. Just ask and you can borrow it anytime. 10 of us swam across the river to the golf club for Oaks Day, and were entertained by Patsy Downunder (take off of Patsy in Ab Fab). We had the best day. We arrived at 11.00am and left the Golf club for the Ski Club at 7.00pm, we finally arrived home after 11 hours of PINK Champagne in our bellies at 11.00pm. (You might be wondering why Jill is showing her ass, she is actually showing us her bodgy fake tan job). I had a couple of wins for the day and actually came out in front. (That must be because I was a thoroughbred owner for a while there).


Gazza said...

Hi Skip,

it must be so hard to live such a boring lifestyle... LMAO

Jeanette said...

HI Donna looks like a good was had by all
I think Jill must had had one to many LoL
LOve xxxxxxxxxxxx

LittleJen said...

well i must say.. "slow down with your post" your making me and gary look bad.
Better pull my finger out.. hehehe

Gwen said...

Hi Donna.
You girls sure had a great tim at
the B/G on "Oakes Day".
Tell Jill that I did look as promised,couldn't pick they face
though.Thanks again for saturday.xx