Friday, 24 November 2006

FIJI Oct 06

The weekend before we left for Fiji Kayne had the crash of his life. He has had many crashes before each of them I have been calm as we all know Motorsport is dangerous. The crash was a doosey, knocked unconcious whilst still sitting in his kart. Of course I had tears, my baby with a rattled brain (as the doctor put it). He continued to race the next day and ended up 3rd place. I think he was trying to show his Aunty Carol he could do it as she was against him racing. He raced with every rib on his left side cracked and his muscle in his neck torn. Of course he was too sore on Monday to go to school.With cracked ribs and a six hour flight ahead of us we finally made it. The childrens first overseas trip.
The flight over was a night flight we took off from Tullamarine Airport at 11.23pm and arrived Fiji time 7.30am (2 hours time difference)We then had a 1 1/2 hour bus trip to the Naviti resort, that was an experience, we all kissed the ground when we got there.
The Resort was beautiful, it had everything you could imagine, much to Brett, Keith and Wayne's delight there was a Pool Bar. There was plenty of time spent there, each morning us girls would start the day with a Pina Colada and end with the coctail of the day, I tried to drink coctails all day but I felt sick after the first 3rd. We opted for the all inclusive package where all meals, alcohol, 24hour snacks etc were FREE. (well it felt like it). All the girls (kids) had their hair braided, we enjoyed all the resorts facilities. Water sports were included so everyday we canoed, we did archery, played Volley ball, egg catching, watermelon bashing, frog and crab racing, golf you name it we did it. The kids enjoyed the kids club and the 2 massive pools as well as the spa's. I recommend this holiday package to any family that wants an inexpensive holiday (this was cheaper then a 2 week holiday in Queensland).


Peter said...

Yeah maybe, but Queensland's better.

Jeanette said...

HI Donna
Im glad I wasn't there too see Kayne crash I would have been crying with you.You sure did alot on that holiday and the girls looked gorgeous with there hair in those tight braids Frog racing?Ive been to crab races.
Love MUm xxxxxxxxxxx

LittleJen said...

well sis, i didnt find out till later of Kaynes terrible crash, but when i was told my breathe was taken away.
Dangerious sport, but i know you and Brett buy him the best sports protection gear money can buy.

Luv Jo

Cazz said...

Hey sissy,

Oh i had to try and stop him, he was in so much pain and trying to cover it up, but the RACE MUST GO ON .. thank god all Michael did was break a few bones playing football !!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Fiji .. you know I am as jealous as hell of all your travels, but so happy you all got to go together and had a blast. Maybe next time you could take along a babysitter !!!

Love to all