Thursday, 30 November 2006


After racing 3 state titles this year Kayne has finally made TOP TEN.
Kayne and Brett took off to Tasmania to Race the Tasmanian State Titles in Hobart. He competed in 2 classes - Junior National Heavy and Junior Clubman. In the JNH class he came 8th, he had a DNF in the prefinal and had to start 23 for the final and in Junior Clubman (the class I hate) he came 5th.

Your probably wondering why the girls and I didn't go - Because it is soooo dam cold over there.


Jeanette said...

Hi Donna
Cogratulations to Kayne for his top ten finish in both to all Mumxxxx:-)

LittleJen said...

Hey sis,

Thats great, well done Kayne am a very proud aunty.
See you at xmas

Luv Jo

Gwen said...

Kayne is in a class all his own!!
you had better beleive it.
You forget I know the real reason that you stayed home.Ha!!Ha!!
See you mate xoxo

Cazz said...

WTG Kayne

How wonderful, and no injuries.. I'm so proud of you mate, keep up the good work. Will see you all soon

Love always