Friday, 30 March 2007

Rylie's First Race

It's finally happened, my little princess has finally won the battle, after 18 months of me saying no to my girls racing Go-Karts, I gave in. I gave in on the provision she is only to race Club Days and NO Open Meetings
Rylie had her first race on Sunday 18th March. It was quite a good day to start as there was 9 in the race - 4 of which had driven and raced before. There was 5 'P' platers (3 of which were girls) You could say the 'P' platers had there own race. I did take my camera with the intention of taking lots of photo's but as it turned out Kayne was racing before her and I had to watch his race and collect him and his kart.

Not only was the 18th of March Rylie's first race but it was also Brett and mine 18 year wedding anniversary. We had a lovely, romantic day (NOT) at the Go-Kart track, the evening before we dined at the tracks canteen, sitting on McDonalds table and chairs, I had the Chicken Parma and Brett had the mixed grill. It was OH so Romantic.


Peter said...

Happy anniversary Donna, sounds truly romantic so hope you have many more of them.

Jeanette said...

"Happy belated anniversary"
Such a nice setting for your anniverary Dinner,
Go "Rylie" It wont be long and dad will have to build a shelf in your room to hold all your Trophies.
Love Mum Xoxoxo

LittleJen said...

Firstly.. WTG Rylie
Secondly.. Happy Anniversary
Thirdly... The Golden Arches what u lucky duck.. thats a top restaurant..LOL