Thursday, 14 December 2006

What's happened in December

Griswalds move over, the Hughes's are in town.
We are the only house in our street with Christmas Lights (so far). I must say I did do well. This year we have added the Merry Christmas sign, Of course the critic (BE) says we need more, but you can only have so many extention leads and power boards at your front door.

We've had a busy December. We started off at the Grand Hyatt for the weekend, for an Awards night. Brett and I caught up with our friends Sharon and Steve in the city on Friday night and I spent Saturday trying to finish off some Chrissy shopping in Melbourne, I only had to return once to the hotel for a drop off. The evening was full of fun, plenty of dancing and drinking was done by all.

Kayne has finished Karting for the year but our life is still hectic with Rylie and her swimming. She had her fist comp last Sunday, she raced for club points at our local pool, 3rd place freestyle, 4th backstroke, 4th breast stroke, considering she has only trained the once she did quite well.

Maddison also joined the swimming club although she can only swim 25m comfortably, she struggles with 50m, she also is a little power house in the pool.

Maddison graduated from a Gumnut to a Bluebell within the Girl Guides under the Guides new flag pole with the Australian Flag flying high. (Another certificate for the POOLROOM).

Above are photos of our time down the river last weekend, as well as photos of Maddisons pool party.


Peter said...

You have no idea how much I wanted to graduate from a Gumnut to a bluebell I am just so jealous of Maddison!!!

Gwen said...

Hi Donna..
Nice photos of the kids,my they are so clever.
You look a lot like that person hoping for a white xmas Ha! Ha!
See you soon. P.S. hope this gets you having probs getting in??

Jeanette said...

Dear Donna.
The house looks lovely all lit up
ready for Santa's visit. Congrats
Rylie you did do well. Olympic Champion on the way.Congrats also to Maddison Now a Bluebell you look lovely all decked out in Blue
Lots of love Mum.Nanxxxxxxx

Gazza said...

Congratulations Girls. thats a great effort.

Donna, Christine wants to know if you will go with her to ROBBIE'S house to take him up on his offer of a cup of tea??

RUTH said...

The house looks great. Seems funy to see photos of swimming etc. We have freezing fog here in England.
Merry Christmas to all